Below you will see a brief descriptions of all of the services that we offer.  For more details about these, click the "Rates" button for each category.


Audio Services

New Vine Media has a team of people that has a combined 25+ years of experience of working with audio.  These services range include engineering, recording, producing, mixing and mastering.  We use of quality microphones, preamps, (click to view) and instruments to achieve "that sound".  Our team is comprised of engineers and producers that have had commercial success, YouTube popularity, and song placement through licensing.  

Audio Samples

Video services

The team of video people at New Vine Media have a combined 20+ years of experience when it comes to shooting, editing and post production. New Vine employs a variety of people, gear and techniques in order to provide the best possible video product.  We employ the use of the Adobe Creative Suite when working on videos, along with an assortment of video plugins to maximize creative potential. To see a breakdown of the video services we offer, click the "Prices" button below!

Video sample
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